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Here are some steps for checking for cookie problems:

  1. Verify that you have cookies enabled (In IE, try setting "Accept All Cookies" under "Tools" > "Internet Options...")
  2. Verify that you have JavaScript enabled.
  3. Delete all your cookies.
  4. Go to the Login page and enter your username and password.
  5. See if the Session Expired message appears again
  6. If it does, check that you haven't installed any new AntiVirus software that blocks cookies, and that you don't have a new firewall installed

If you are using a computer that has its date/time set incorrectly -- specifically, more than 3 months in the future -- then you would get the "Session expired" cookie error. So if you accidently have the date set to Nov 21, 2014, then you would have the cookie problem. The cookie expires after 3 months, so after every 3 months, people have to login again. If they have their computer date/time set to more than 3 months in the future, then it would expire every time they made a request.

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